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Distances from Llazice

Distances from Llazice to the largest cities and places in Kosovo. Have a closer look at the distances from Llazice to the largest places in Kosovo.

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Distances from Llazice to the largest places in Kosovo
Malisevo Mališevo1.2,3008.3 km 5.1 mishow
Glogovac Glogovac2.58,57913.4 km 8.4 mishow
Nishor Nishor3.1,15415.0 km 9.3 mishow
Pagarusa Pagaruša4.1,37415 km 9 mishow
Klina Klina5.8,05017 km 11 mishow
Orahovac Orahovac6.22,04920 km 12 mishow
Peqan Peqan7.1,88320 km 12 mishow
Srbica Srbica8.5,08921 km 13 mishow
Suva Reka Suva Reka9.72,22922 km 14 mishow
Kosuriq Kosuriq10.1,20025 km 15 mishow
Glanica Glanica11.24325 km 15 mishow
Mamusa Mamuša12.5,50725 km 16 mishow
Leshan Leshan13.1,57525 km 16 mishow
Buqan Buqan14.80025 km 16 mishow
Budakovo Budakovo15.1,57626 km 16 mishow
Shtime Shtime16.35,00026 km 16 mishow
Gjinoc Gjinoc17.1,57127 km 17 mishow
Obiliq Obiliq18.11,61229 km 18 mishow
Kosovo Polje Kosovo Polje19.16,15430 km 19 mishow
Lipljan Lipljan20.9,04730 km 19 mishow
Shaptej Shaptej21.65032 km 20 mishow
Gllogjan Gllogjan22.2,00033 km 21 mishow
Gjakove Gjakovë23.94,15834 km 21 mishow
Istok Istok24.40,00034 km 21 mishow
Pozhar Pozhar25.70034 km 21 mishow
Vushtrri Vushtrri26.30,65134 km 21 mishow
Lumbardhi Lumbardhi27.1,50034 km 21 mishow
Irzniq Irzniq28.2,20034 km 21 mishow
Graboc Graboc29.42035 km 22 mishow
Lluka e Poshtme Lluka e Poshtme30.70035 km 22 mishow
Prekolluk Prekolluk31.35035 km 22 mishow
Papraqan Papraqan32.1,28835 km 22 mishow
Pristina Pristina33.550,00036 km 22 mishow
Gracanica Gračanica34.1,00036 km 22 mishow
Dubova (Driloni) Dubova (Driloni)35.1,05037 km 23 mishow
Strellc i Ulet Strellc i Ulët36.2,85037 km 23 mishow
Prilep Prilep37.2,50037 km 23 mishow
Lluka e Eperme Lluka e Eperme38.1,50037 km 23 mishow
Mitrovice Mitrovicë39.107,04537 km 23 mishow
Isniq Isniq40.5,50038 km 23 mishow
Prizren Prizren41.171,46438 km 24 mishow
Ferizaj Ferizaj42.59,50438 km 24 mishow
Strellc i Eperm Strellc i Epërm43.6,10039 km 24 mishow
Lebushe Lëbushë44.1,25039 km 24 mishow
Dranoc Dranoc45.2,00039 km 24 mishow
Lybeniq Lybeniq46.97039 km 24 mishow
Decan Deçan47.50,50039 km 24 mishow
Zvecan Zvečan48.17,00040 km 25 mishow
Lloqan Lloqan49.1,05040 km 25 mishow
Slup Slup50.70040 km 25 mishow

1 - 50 of 67 places
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